Ferryland, a world of happiness for kids

With entertainment and theme nights

Children up to 18 years old free of charge!

Come and visit us at our Family Hotel! There will be many fun opportunities for kids, the magical world of happiness Ferryland and unmissable theme nights!

  • Entertainment staff offering engaging activities
  • Good Night Kids with a bedtime story
  • Fun zone, a children's area equipped with library to read their favourite books and to play with board games
  • Ferrypark a lovely outdoor playground with inflatable games and a play area for moments of fun

Ferryland, a world of pure happiness for all ages

  • Puppy Area, for kids aged 1-4 with soft and safe games
  • Baby Ferryland with a skilled animator for kids aged 2-4
  • Mini Ferryland for kids aged 4-10 with a lot of games and a coloured children's area outdoors
  • Junior Ferryland an indoor playroom for kids aged 10-16
The Ferry mascot

Animation and entertainment with unmissable theme nights

  • Hawaiian Candy Night, a Hawaiian themed evening with entertainers and desserts
  • 2 weekly themed Dinners for children, a very funny date with the children's favourite dishes and a lot of fun guaranteed!

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